Understand the types of football betting

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After you sign up and enter the online football betting website. You’ll find a wide selection of tables and fields to choose from. The terms about the types of football betting on the website that must be known include

Understand the types of football betting
  • Handicap (Handicap – HDP) is a bet on the ball using the ball price per. This is a very popular betting style.
  • 1×2, also known as money line The format is similar to the commonly played single ball betting. By betting on which side will win and will receive the prize money
  • Odd Event (O/E) is a style of betting based on goals and UFABET games. Whether it will come out as an even or odd Regardless of which side will score more goals
  • Over Under – O/U is another form of football betting that relies on the goals of the whole game. Whether to come out higher or lower than the specified price
  • Betting on a uniform ball (Mix Parley) for a mix parley is a football betting that has a pattern similar to that of a uniform ball. That is commonly played. But different in 1 bill can choose multiple prices and bet at a minimum of 3 pairs or more
  • Total Goal Betting. This format uses bets by taking the total goals of the game to gamble, similar to playing the lottery. If the total goals are the same as the bet, it will get a large sum of money.
  • Double Chance bets are bets that have the most chances of winning. There is a table divided into 1X = Home Win or Draw / 12 = Alcohol Win or Away Win / X2 = Draw or Away Win.