Court rejects bail, Greenwood faces one month in prison

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Mason Greenwood, the Manchester United striker. Must be deprived of freedom for another month when the Manchester City Court not bail After traveling to court with 3 heavy charges. Will have to wait for the court again on November

Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood will be held in custody for more than a month. After a judge denied bail for attempted rape. Exhibit intimidating behavior and injure the body a young woman In the first trial at the Manchester City Court on October.

Court rejects bail, Greenwood faces one month in prison

The 21-year-old star was arrested by the police for questioning. From the case that the troubled girl posted a UFABET video clip and the image of her being physically abused. Which has both bruises on the body and blood covering the mouth through Instagram, a popular social networking site At the end of January 

The police then charged preliminary charges of assault and rape. Additional charges of sexual harassment and death threats were added before Greenwood was released on bail. However, he was arrested again on Saturday October 15 for allegedly violating bail conditions by contacting the victim. 

Khan’s family sits in the courtroom. On Monday with the media The player is wearing a gray hoodie and gray running shorts. travel to court with two officers standing flanking The footballer had only confirmed his name, date of birth and address before prosecutors presented the allegations to the judge.

After that, Greenwood’s bail was sought after the first day of trial. But the judge refused, resulting in the red devil’s front center. He must be detained for about a month before the next trial. On Monday, November 21, the defendant’s legal team told reporters that They will continue to apply for bail.